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Accessorize Your Luxury BMW Vehicle at BMW of West Springfield

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The only thing for impressive than a BMW is a well-accessorized BMW. Accessorizing is a great way for you to show off your flair for luxury and make your vehicle more comfortable and convenient. Read on to learn about some of the best BMW accessories to enhance your driving experience, including the BMW Travel and Comfort System Universal Tablet Holder Pro, Battery Charger, Click and Drive System, and Hub Cap.
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What Do The BMW Warning Lights Mean?

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BMW warning light symbols can indicate a variety of things: that immediate service is required, that service is required soon, or that a simple DIY fix is needed. While you can download the complete list above, here are a few examples for you. While most of the warning lights are associated with regular ongoing maintenance, we are big supporters of you and want to help you service your car or SUV on your own if that is your preference.

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Trade-in 101: How To Master The Process

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Thinking Of Trading In Your Vehicle?

“What is the trade-in process like?” and “Should I trade in my vehicle or sell it to a private buyer?”
There are common questions that we’ll answer below. 

So are you ready to trade in your vehicle? Visit BMW of West Springfield today to see how much you can get for your trade-in. We have a wide range of new and Certified Pre-Owned BMW models available and strive to offer a seamless experience, whether you’re looking to trade in and purchase a new vehicle or simply want to sell your old one…

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The BMW Digital Key

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Transform Your Phone Into A BMW Key 

BMW is always at the front of innovation so it is no surpise that they have teamed up with Apple to become the first carmaker to offer customers the BMW Digital Key on their iPhone to access their BMW. This is now eliminating the need for physical keys, and the digital car key allows you to conveniently, and securely lock, unlock, and even start your BMW.

On select BMW models, you can now use your iPhone as a key with security and data protection guaranteed thanks to secure and encrypted technology.

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How Does the BMX Head Display Work?

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“Heads-Up” To What’s Up Ahead

Ever wonder, “What is BMW Head-Up Display?” This feature is all about making your rides more convenient while adding a cool futuristic touch to your drives.

This system projects the information that you need most directly in front of you for boosted safety and ease while cruising. Give the BMW Head-Up Display a try today by heading to BMW of West Springfield and test driving a BMW model with this savvy feature installed.


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Fourth Generation: BMW M3 E90/E92/E93

This generation was chock full of upgrades resulting in a better, faster and more efficient vehicle. This was made clear in an aggressively customized V-8 engine and 414 horsepower. The transformation also featured a total rework of the exterior body style as well as a restyling of the interior......



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Third generation: BMW M3 E46

In 1999 at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the new high-performance concept BMW M3 E46 made an entrance. This model boasted significant improvements, including a number of aesthetic and functionality modifications including interior trims, an updated navigation system, First Innovative adaptive LED taillights and the list goes on. Most distinctive, however, was considered the upgrade linked to the M3 performance characteristics which was the signature bulging power dome on the hood of the car. .....

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Second generation: BMW M3 E36 3.0 and 3.2.

Like the first generation, the second generation was presented with distinctive cosmetic and power upgrades from its 3 Series engineered designs. Different however from its predecessor, the M3 E36 was built specifically for the everyday road, with a production model in three body types. Those include the 2-door coupe and convertible in 1992 as well as the 4-door sedan in 1994. This represented the very first time that the M3 model brought on a 4-door sedan... Read More


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Over the years, the M3 has had a number of upgrades, each one better than the next. Those include refined engines, handling, brakes, aerodynamics, lightweight materials and various interior upgrades. Special edition colors throughout the years also were highlights. Despite all these enhancements and changes, though, the M3’s combination of performance and every day usability has remained a constant.... 



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History of BMW M3

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When it comes to the BMW M3, its reputation says it all. Rooted in innovation and refinement, this iconic model is sophistication personified and remains one of the most sought-after performance vehicles in its class. It has undergone three decades and five generations of utter transformation, and the results are truly amazing….



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