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The My BMW App

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Whether you are on the golf course or enjoying an everyday drive, you My BMW App can directly connect you to your vehicle. 

Simply pair your BMW with the My BMW App for an effortless connectivity right in the palm of your hand. 

App Features:
  • Modern design with intuitive user guidance features
  • Displays information on the status of your vehicle
  • Provides users with a convenient remote access for you to access your BMW's features anywhere
  • Keep track of where your BMMW is located
  • Use one of the many remote control features
  • Can plan out your trips in advanced
  • Book…
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All About the BMW X5

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Equipped with advanced driving dynamics, exceptional engineering, and impressive design, the BMW X5 from BMW of West Springfield gets you where you need to be.

The 2021 BMW is a crowd favorite in West Springfield and the main reason why we keep such a healthy inventory on hand. Known as the big brother to the BMW X3, the X5 is the go-to SAV for those who need the space to move. We see this vehicle fitting medium sized families with pets, those who wants to go camping with a large haul (perhaps glamping is the better term), or those who…

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The BMW Digital Key

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Transform Your Phone Into A BMW Key 

BMW is always at the front of innovation so it is no surpise that they have teamed up with Apple to become the first carmaker to offer customers the BMW Digital Key on their iPhone to access their BMW. This is now eliminating the need for physical keys, and the digital car key allows you to conveniently, and securely lock, unlock, and even start your BMW.

On select BMW models, you can now use your iPhone as a key with security and data protection guaranteed thanks to secure and encrypted technology.

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You’ll have plenty of room for the kids’ soccer gear and your passengers will have plenty of space to stretch out in the new X5. And don’t forget about the third row of seats. Here are the dimensions:

BMW X5 Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom – 40.7 inches
  • Legroom front/rear – 39.8 / 37.4 inches
  • Shoulder Room front/rear – 60.0 / 58.1 inches
  • Cargo Capacity – 56.5 cubic feet



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New Models For The BMW Electric Line

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Gas prices continue to rise with some areas seeing close to $5/gallon. With these high gas prices continuing to rise you are probably thinking about how much gas your vehicle eats up every time you leave the house.  If you aren’t, then you have probably not been paying attention at the pump or you just having been paying attention to the news.

For the last few years BMW has been building out their electric offering at BMW of West Springfield, and not just because we see gas as a limited resource (which it is), but because electric is…

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How Does the BMX Head Display Work?

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“Heads-Up” To What’s Up Ahead

Ever wonder, “What is BMW Head-Up Display?” This feature is all about making your rides more convenient while adding a cool futuristic touch to your drives.

This system projects the information that you need most directly in front of you for boosted safety and ease while cruising. Give the BMW Head-Up Display a try today by heading to BMW of West Springfield and test driving a BMW model with this savvy feature installed.


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