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“Heads-Up” To What’s Up Ahead

Ever wonder, “What is BMW Head-Up Display?” This feature is all about making your rides more convenient while adding a cool futuristic touch to your drives.

This system projects the information that you need most directly in front of you for boosted safety and ease while cruising. Give the BMW Head-Up Display a try today by heading to BMW of West Springfield and test driving a BMW model with this savvy feature installed.

What Is BMW Head-Up Display?

Think of the BMW Head-Up Display system as your new driving companion—powered by the iDrive controller, this feature applies a projector with high-contrast images to create a transparent display on your windshield directly in front of your field of vision.

With this visual in front of you, you can check your speed or available navigation without taking your eyes off the road. In newer BMW models, the picture even contains full color for better visibility and a sleeker touch to help you remain focused on the road ahead.

What Can I View On The BMW Head-Up Display?

If it’s a critical metric for your driving, the odds are high it’s included in your BMW Head-Up Display—just look ahead, and you’ll see the road speed so that you won’t need to remove your line of sight from the street to check your information cluster.

Also, the system helps you remain informed for the full drive by letting you know of detected speed limits alongside warning messages from your driver-assist features to help you stick to your designated lane and avoid collisions.

Need help finding the fastest route to St. Petersburg or new destinations on your road trip? Your BMW Head-Up Display also shows you turn-by-turn directions so that you won’t need to stare at your infotainment screen while trying to navigate a bustling interstate.

While you’re on the go, you’ll see your call information here as well to let you know the number or contact that’s calling so you can decide if you want to answer with hands-free technology. And all of this is only the start of the features BMW Head-Up Display brings your rides.

Finding The Right Fit: Which BMW Model Carries This Tech?

Most current BMW models from 2021 support the BMW Head-Up Display as a standard or available feature. So, whether you want to challenge the urban environment in an ultra-sleek BMW X1, engage in a track-worthy and swift BMW M3, or even exude pure refinement and luxury in your BMW 7 Series, these models and most in between support BMW Head-Up Display functions.

Stay Ahead Of Your Drives In West Springfield Today

Ready to add a head-up touch to your cruises? Stop by BMW of West Springfield today and test drive any BMW model with BMW Head-Up Display technology installed, and you’ll see how this feature can help instantly upgrade your rides—from running errands around town to traveling out of state. While you’re here, our team is dedicated to your needs, so let us know your questions or the features you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.