Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle?

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Thinking of Trading In Your Vehicle?

If you’re thinking about trading in your vehicle, but have questions, you’re in the right place. Questions such as: “What is the trade-in process like?” or “Should I trade in my vehicle or sell it privately?” are common questions that we’ll answer below. Read on to learn more about the trade-in process and to make sure you get the most for your vehicle.....



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The BMW Digital Key

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Transforming Your IPhone Into Your BMW Key

Always a leader in innovation, BMW has teamed with Apple to become the first carmaker to offer customers the BMW Digital Key on their iPhone to access their BMW. Eliminating the need to remember your keys, the digital car key allows you conveniently, and securely lock, unlock, and even start your BMW.



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Discover Premium Power In The 2021 BMW X3 Trims

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Take Your Drives Further

Adventure awaits you in the 2021 BMW X3. This sports activity vehicle is loaded with powerful engine options, enhanced safety features, and all the luxury you expect from a high-end vehicle. With multiple trim levels featuring a variety of modern upgrades and premium technology, now is a great time to explore the new X3. Read More...



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How Does BMW Head-Up Display?

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What Is BMW Head-Up Display?

 this system projects the information you need in front of you for boosted safety and ease while cruising. Give the BMW head-up display a try today by heading to BMW of West Springfield and test driving a BMW model with this modern technology installed. Think of the BMW head-up display system as your new driving companion—powered by the idrive controller, this feature applies a projector with high-contrast images to create a transparent display on your windshield directly in front of your field of vision. Read More...

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What is BMW XDrive?

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BMW xDrive is an intelligent all-wheel drive system. That translates to a savvy system that can adapt on the fly to help prevent wheel slips on a variety of road conditions. The result is a luxury vehicle which intuitively distributes power to maximize traction under even the most challenging conditions.

To learn more about BMW xDrive’s intelligent all-wheel drive that’s gaining momentum with more South Florida drivers, please continue reading. You can also reach out to Vista BMW Coconut Creek for a test drive or to talk about our many financing options......


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Car and Driver's Review of the BMW 3 Series

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Car and Driver recently gave a shining review to the 2021 BMW 3 Series, declaring it had “First-rate powertrains, brilliant ride and handling balance, generous cabin and trunk space.”. They were enthused by its two available engines, the 255 HP 4-cylinder and the 385 HP inline 6-cylinder, judging them to be as quick as they are refined, and even ogled the plug-in hybrid variant. They also detailed the responsiveness of the paired transmission that allows the 3 Series to shift from a normal driving state and into something more athletic at a moment’s notice....


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Find A BMW Oil Change Near Me

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When it is time to change your BMW engine oil and filter, a good question to ask is “where can I get a BMW service near me?  BMW of West Springfield can help.  We are a factory-trained BMW Service Center and can guarantee you’ll get the unparalleled service your BMW vehicle deserves.  Check out the information below and then schedule service at BMW of West Springfield.  We will be happy to service your cars next oil change....


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How To Keep Your BMW Running Like New

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You got the ultimate driving machine sitting in your driveway, ready to take you places with unbelievable power and style like no other luxury car you have ever owned before. Of course, you want to keep it in top form so you can enjoy the ultimate BMW performance at all times and for years to come. If you have not yet explored the our BMW Value Service Program since you bought your BMW from BMW of West Springfield, now is the time to get to know its benefits and how it can keep your vehicle running like…

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Fourth Generation: BMW M3 E90/E92/E93

This generation was chock full of upgrades resulting in a better, faster and more efficient vehicle. This was made clear in an aggressively customized V-8 engine and 414 horsepower. The transformation also featured a total rework of the exterior body style as well as a restyling of the interior......



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Third generation: BMW M3 E46

In 1999 at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the new high-performance concept BMW M3 E46 made an entrance. This model boasted significant improvements, including a number of aesthetic and functionality modifications including interior trims, an updated navigation system, First Innovative adaptive LED taillights and the list goes on. Most distinctive, however, was considered the upgrade linked to the M3 performance characteristics which was the signature bulging power dome on the hood of the car. .....

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